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the cars I have owned

My first car was a Mini Clubman 1000cc
Colour was "Bedouin" and it was a reliable little car but I have two memories of it, one was the ridiculously small fuel tank, and the other was the uncomfortable seats.
I drove it between Aberdeen (where I lived) and Plymouth (where I was studying) for a year.
Mini Clubman
Triumph Spitfire.
My sports car phase was satisfied with this little gem.
I enjoyed having such a car but it was a disaster technically - the engine failed, and the universal joints always seemed to need replacing.
I eventually saw sense and sold it after only 439 days, the least time I have owned a car.
Honda Civic
A Honda Civic in a nice orange colour was my third car, again purchased as a used car.
It had a nippy engine, was comfortable, but was a total rust-bucket!
The poor body work was its only fault, and the reason why I got rid of it earlier than I might otherwise.
Honda Civic
Austin Metro L
This was my first car purchased from new and was also a very successful little family car.
Mini Metro
Austin Maestro 1.3HLE
Although reliable, this was was one of my least enjoyable cars. It was tuned for economy but was so under-powered that it was unpleasant to drive.
I did the least mileage in this car, clocking only 20,000 miles whilst I kept it.
Maestro HLE

Austin Maestro 1.6HLS
A bit higher performance than the HLE in "'cashmere" was a good car but cannot remember much more about it.

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Rover 216SE
A chunky and solid family car, a pleasure to drive, and highly reliable.
Rover 216
Volvo 340GL "Red Line"
A departure from my usual Austin/Rover buys for a Volvo. It has particularly good brakes, a feature I remember after all this time!
Unfortunately the cost of maintenance, servicing and parts was absolutely extortionate, so my affair with Volvo was never to be repeated.
Volvo 340
Rover 418SLD
Back to Rover after the Volvo rip-off and this time a good sized family car which I kept for my usual 3 year period. A sun roof was a welcome addition to the features with this model.
For reasons I am not entirely sure I suffered proportionately more punctured tyres with this car than I had with any other!
Rover 418
Rover 418SLD
Another of the same! - A good family car with no major problems.
A tilt-open sun roof was a nice feature.
I kept this car for the longest time of any car, 1735 days.
Rover 418
Rover 420SEiD
1999-2003 British Racing Green.
A good car and served well for the time I had it.
I did the highest mileage of all my cars with this model, clocking up over 80,000 miles on the clock.
Apologies for the poor image.
Rover 420
The first in a love affair with the Volkswagen Golf!
With the imminent demise of the Austin/Rover group it was time to look elsewhere, and this VW Golf proved most enjoyable and the best car for fuel efficiency at 53mpg over its life.
Probably the best car I have owned.
Volkswagen Golf TDI
Another of the mid-range SE TDI model, not quite as well-made or as fuel-efficient as the previous Golf, but highly reliable and an excellent family car nonetheless.
Purchased the "winter pack" headlamp washer and heated side mirrors.
I kept this for the second longest time, 1319 days.
Toyota Prius T-Spirit
Something completely different!
This hybrid top-of-the-range was a total departure from previous cars and a unique experience.
The CVT transmission, built-in sat-nav, keyless operation, and all the fuel-efficient hybrid technology features make this a totally new driving experience.
Also this is the biggest car I have owned.
Toyota Prius 2010
Toyota Prius T-Spirit
Another of the same, this time in white and with tinted rear windows (as is the current fashion)
Enjoying the model, so why go elsewhere!
Toyota Prius 2014