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Unlike the more widely known Scottish Highland clan names, Dalziel is a lowland Scottish name,
originating from what is now Lanarkshire.

Pronounciation is "dee-ell" with the emphasis on the second syllable.

There are a number of variants of the spelling, for example, Dalzell, Dalziell, Dalyell.
The inclusion of the letter Z is often questioned.
The present accepted spelling was derived as a "translation" from an earlier Scots tongue,
not to be confused with the Gaelic, which is still spoken in parts of Scotland.

The Dalziel coat-of-arms despicts an outline male figure, a most unusual feature in heraldic symbols.

Dalziel arms
Dalziel tartan 

The Dalziel tartan is based on TS969 the Logan.
The basic form of the design was used for a George IV tartan produced in honour of that King's visit in 1822.
The Barony of Dalzell in Lanarkshire is the origin of the name.
In Old Scots it means "I dare" and this is also the motto on the family coat of arms (see above)

The parish of Dalziel in what is now Motherwell was once in the industrial heartland of Scotland,
and the town itself was a famous steel community.
The Dalziel steel works was a major employer in its time.
A plate of the old industrial landscape of Motherwell is shown below.
The Steel and heavy industry has mostly gone now, and the area perhaps has to re-invent itself.
The Motherwell and Wishaw area has an approximate population of 140,000

industrial Motherwell
fir park

The local football team, Motherwell FC
has had mixed fortunes over recent times,
but has a strong local following.

Fir Park Football Ground, Motherwell

The area still has evidence of the Dalziel legacy :-

  • the local phonebook still shows more entries than elsewhere in the UK
  • there is a local street, Dalziel Drive
  • reference has already been made to the old Dalziel Steel Works.
  • There was, until only a few years back, a Dalziel Co-operative Society
  • a Dalziel bakery firm
  • there is still the Dalziel Arms public house
  • Dalziel Amateur Football Club
  • Dalziel Park, and
  • the successful Dalziel High School.

The town has a small shopping mall, soon to be redeveloped.
There is a main line railway station serving Lanarkshire, Glasgow and the main west coast line to London.
Sadly this rail station is a gloomy and depressing place, and itself does not support any park and ride facility.
There are bus services to Glasgow and surrounding towns, most operating on 30 minute frequency.

The town has a number of parks, the most famous being Strathclyde County Park,
- completed in the mid 1970's it hosts water sports events, and has cycle and boat hire facilities.
The water unfortunately is polluted, and is not safe for bathing.
 A theme park was built at the western end of this park has expanded over recent years and has free parking.

The town is administered by North Lanarkshire Council
and the town returns a member each to the Westminster and Edinburgh Parliaments.

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